Dr. Darush Struss


Biotech makes modern plant breeding possible.

As well as an “MS degree in Plant Pathology, a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding from the University of Göttingen, and postdoctoral accomplishments in Plant Molecular Genetics from the University of California,” Dr. Darush also has an impressive 20 years of biotech experience under his belt. From plant molecular genetics, biotechnology, and plant breeding, to plant pathology.

Dr. Darush believes that “Biotechnology plays a crucial role in plant breeding by improving efficiency to shorten the breeding process. He goes on to explain the exciting possibilities employing this technology opens up for East-West Seed, “Biotech makes modern plant breeding possible by making it more economical. We can breed for multiple agronomic traits at the same time.”

Inspired by the achievements he and his team have made, he is proud that their “scientific advancements help create better products, ensuring the level of quality that East-West Seed stands for”. Dr Darush concludes that they “help breeders breed better and faster. All for the farmers.”


Team : Biotech Engineering

Current position : Biotechnology and Molecular Plant Breeding Manager

Works for East-West Seed since : 2007

Based in : Chiang Mai, Thailand


University of Göttingen, Germany
Doctor, Plant Breeding and Cytogenetics, 1+

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