Raymond Vuomile

He diversified his ambitions to begin again as a vegetable farmer specializing in cucumber on a plot in the Kintampo-Brong Ahafo Region. He made this choice after attending one of the Model Farm training sessions. A year later, he has a team of four in his employ, and through a stagger planting strategy of 500m2 per cropping cycle, he consistently supplies his local market with the Greengo cucumber; a crispy, healthy, and nutrient-dense fruit. 

Vuomile successfully applies his engineering precision skills to his farming and has become a local guru to neighboring farmers who regularly seek his advice on seed choices and agricultural practices. Vuomile proposes, ‘Sometimes, we are limited not by our skills and knowledge, but merely by how we are trained and where we direct our focus.” 

Raymond Vuomile on his farm in the Kintampo–Brong Ahafo region of Ghana

Freshly harvested Greengo 

Vuomile’s Model Farm training and engineering skills at work