Waxy Corn

Waxy Corn

Zea mays L.

East-West Seed’s revolutionary sweet corn varieties were responsible for developing a whole new market. Farmers quickly adopted these hybrid varieties which combined the waxiness of glutinous corn with superior eating quality and the sweetness of sweet corn. Alongside other hybrid traits like uniform growth and high-yield, success in the market triggered huge growth both in the sale of sweet corn seeds and within the sweet corn processing sector. In just a decade, East-West Seed’s hybrid waxy sweet corn turned the crop into an important export for Thailand. Since then, the waxy sweet corn market has expanded into the Indonesian, Vietnamese, Myanmar, Filipino, and Malaysian markets.

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Prakit Noipinit

Waxy Corn Breeder

“A job for dreaming up new possibilities and making them come true.”

Prakit has been with East-West Seed for 15 years now and he believes “the sweet waxy corn hybrid we developed for the market is the best for its sweet taste.” A brand new innovation, our sweet waxy offers “good eating quality. The waxy sweet corn looks just the same as the white waxy corn on the market but the taste is 25% sweet kernel and 75% sticky,” he explains, “a completely different experience to eating the bland normal waxy corn.” Our varieties also offer improved shelf life and a higher yield of uniform cobs than competitors.

Prakit hides a creative soul beneath his East-West Seed shirt. For him plant breeding is “a job for dreaming up new possibilities and making them come true,” though he admits it requires “close hard work, too.”

Looking forward, Prakit is confident the waxy sweet corn varieties we breed next will be “smaller and have more ears, but with the same eating quality. Very good for the consumer in the future!”