Ipomoea aquatica Forssk.

Kangkong is one of the most widely-grown leafy vegetables in China and Southeast Asia today. With a short growth to harvest time—just three weeks—and minor production requirements—seed, fertilizer, and regular watering—it is no wonder that this crop has become so popular. Kangkong, also known as Chinese water spinach, thrives in the heat and humidity when other crops struggle, making it easy to cultivate. An often-overlooked crop, East-West Seed saw an opportunity in the 1980s to revolutionize a cheap commodity market into a high-quality seed market to better benefit kangkong growers in the region.

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Sanong Maneewan

Product Market Combination Manager

“A vision for the kangkong future of even faster growing time.”

Over 30 years ago, kangkong growers in Thailand were struggling to sell their crops for 15-20 baht/kg. Seeds were inexpensive, germination probability was only around 50%, and plant yield was poor and inconsistent. Sanong explains that “East-West Seed was the first company to see promise in this native crop.”

Sanong has been with the company for over 25 years now and he believes it is our “deep product and market knowledge” which distinguish us from the competition. “After years of work in developing and promoting the variety, we transformed this once lowly open-pollinated crop into a high-performance superstar. Reliable growth performance and uniformity are why East-West Seed is the leading kangkong seed supplier on the market today.”