Cucumis melo

A relative newcomer to the East-West Seed portfolio, the melon has been part of the company’s breeding program for just 10 years. In this short time, we’ve introduced our most exciting new variety: the Royal Alexia series. Completely unique, this sweet, yellow honeydew melon has delicious orange flesh. Compared to the white flesh normally found on the global market, it is much sweeter, more flavorful, and very aromatic. It’s an innovative segment bred specifically to excite consumers.

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Michael McDaniel

Product Market Combination Manager

“Our melon varieties have a better taste.”

Michael joined East-West Seed in 2010 and has been concentrating his breeding focus on sweet melons for four years. He believes quite simply that East-West Seed melon varieties “have a better taste.”

“The brix measures the quality and sugar content of the fruit. Our varieties have a high brix level which makes them sweeter and more delicious.” East-West Seed uses Asian germplasm which produces a much better taste than the European fruit varieties. It is this extra sweetness in flavor that sets our East-West Seed melon varieties apart from the competition. Michael is “extremely proud to have been part of the team to introduce this brand new segment to the market. The Royal Alexia specialty melon is just what our consumers have been looking for.”

“What excites me about my work is the opportunity to bring specialty melons into the mainstream markets, bringing Asian melons to European consumers and vice versa.”

Michael’s vision for the melon market is entirely focused on consumers. He’ll be listening closely to them for insight into the future of melon trends. “And in the next ten years, we believe that consumers are going to be looking for more choices. That means everything from different melon types, sizes, and flesh colour, to aroma or no aroma. In this, we’re bringing consumer’s preference into the breeding progam.”