Hot pepper

Hot pepper

Capsicum annuum L

East-West Seed has over 25 years of breeding expertise in hot peppers. The most significant contributions we’ve made for the farmers in Asia are the small-fruited erect varieties which are easily harvested, replacing the previous open-pollinated variety. The hot pepper is indispensable in cuisines all over the world for adding spice and elevating flavor. In our growing markets in Africa, we are focusing on the chinense and habanero types—also very popular in South and Central America.

Our hybrids have a much more stable uniformity of fruit and superior shipping quality. They are also bred for higher yield, and the fruits command premium prices in the market.

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Henk Jan Pascha

Plant Breeding Manager

“The first company in the world to breed this type of hybrid for hot pepper farmers.”

East-West Seed is “the first company in the world to breed this type of hybrid for hot pepper farmers,”—a variety especially adapted to Asian farmers and the local climate. Henk enjoys working in close cooperation with our farmers. He credits his team’s success to our “breeders having frequent contact with growers to learn exactly what we need to breed for.”

Henk leads a team of eight pepper breeders over different countries. They are mostly located in Asia, but recently they’ve broken ground in Latin America. He enjoys that “we can significantly contribute to the livelihood of farmers in Asia—which makes us really proud.”

In the next ten years, he believes they’ll produce even better varieties. The globalisation of the hot pepper crop has resulted in new strains of viruses attacking the plants. Henk is confident though that “exciting new genomic techniques available to us nowadays will not only speed up the breeding programs, but will help us increase resistance to these viruses, as well as insects.”