Sitao, Snap Bean,Bush Sitao, Cowpea

Land Preparation

  1. Prepare the land thoroughly by plowing and harrowing twice.
  2. Mix decomposed animal manure or compost at 1.0 kg/linear meter to improve soil structure and condition.
  3. Make furrows 1.0 to 1.5 meter apart.
  4. Application of lime one month before transplanting is recommended at a rate of 3-5 tons/ha if soil pH is below 5.5.


  1. Sow one to two seeds at a distance of 30 cm between hills and 100-120 cm between rows.
  2. Cover the seeds with well pulverized soil.
  3. Soil moisture must be good at solving but not too wet.

Irrigation and Drainage

  1. During dry months weekly irrigation is recommended to keep the soil moisture at ideal level.
  2. The soil must be moist at all times but water lagging must be avoided. Allow excess water to drain form the field immediately.


The key to a bountiful harvest is balanced fertilization. Please follow the recommended fertilizers for sitao.

Fertilizer guidelines for sitao*

Broadcast during land preparation Compost 3-5 tons/hectare
Basal application during sowing Complete 30 grams/plant
Side dress at 21 days after sowing Urea 15 grams/plant
Side dress at 35 days after sowing Complete 20 grams/plant
Side dress at 49 days after sowing Complete 20 grams/plant
*this recommendation is based on research-managed sitao fields


  1. Trellis should be erected after emergence or just before the vines reach 30 cm length.
  2. Any system of trellising with the use of available materials can be adopted.

Weed Control

  1. Weeds cause considerably yield loss if not controlled early in the season.
  2. Control includes light cultivation, spot hand weeding, tillage, and mulching.


  1. Usually green pods ready for harvest about 7-10 days after flowering.
  2. Mariposa is ready to harvest 45 to 50 days after sowing. Harvest every 2-4 days.
  3. Sort the pods according to market standards and pack neatly in a polyethylene bag before transporting to the market.