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East-West Seed's success is built on our people. Each of them is committed to our mission of providing innovative products and services that will help increase farmers' income and promote the growth and quality of the vegetable farming industry.

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East-West Seed Academy

The Academy is the official learning and development center of East-West Seed, providing classroom training, mentoring and coaching, and on the job training.

The Academy’s function is to capture and share knowledge and expertise within the company. Over 100 e-learning courses are available to employees on topics like plant breeding, seed technology, product testing, and other key seed business knowledge.


Where passionate teams work together to serve farmers, learn, and innovate

Just like plants need nurturing in order to grow, people need opportunities to develop and thrive. East-West Seed is the home of talented and passionate individuals. We come from different backgrounds, nationalities, age groups, and interests - but we all share one thing: we are committed to the unique and important mission of the company, which is to serve tropical vegetable farmers and improve their lives.

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Job Opportunities

We’re hiring for a number of different positions around the world.

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  • Group HR Specialist

    Our Regional Operating Headquarters is seeking candidates for Group HR Specialist , to support..

  • HR
  • Buang Bua Tong , Nonthaburi , Thailand
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  • Digital Content Administrator

    East-West Seed’s Regional Operating Headquarters is seeking candidates for a Digital Content Administrator..

  • Communication
  • Buang Bua Tong , Nonthaburi , Thailand
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  • Communication Coordinator

    East -West Seed Knowledge Transfer (EWSKT) is seeking candidates for the Communication Coordinator position ..

  • Communication
  • Chiang Mai , Thailand
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Organizational Culture

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Monday morning at the office starts with a breakfast meeting. The sun’s rays are just beginning to peak over the horizon when goals are made for the week ahead and what has been achieved in the past week is discussed. These conversations serve as seeds to reinforce the mission and purpose of East-West Seed - to serve smallholder farmers with the seeds and knowledge they need to succeed.

East-West Seed has created not only a strong results driven culture, but also an environment of collaboration. Through developing strong relations with the farmers, with distributors and partners, and with each other, East-West Seed is pioneering a culture of agility.

The culture is one of intertwined connections, a net that supports everyone. This supportive atmosphere allows employees to learn, to change, and to develop in different ways. Talented and passionate team members are the foundation of East-West Seed’s success.