Our mission is to provide innovative products and services that will help increase the income of vegetable farmers, and promote the growth and quality of the tropical vegetable industry.


To be the best tropical vegetable seed company in the world.

Core Values


We are the farmer's champion.We listen closely to them and understand their needs.We offer our best solutions and deliver quality in everything we do to improve their yield and income.


We cultivate ideas and harvest innovation.Research excite us.We build an environment for creativity,in the laboratory,in the field and in the office.


We constantly challenge ourselves and our team to excel. We work together, trust each other, care for and respect each other’s unique and diverse talents.

Why Smallholders

Serving farmers is our business.We work for smallholder vegetable farmers in the tropics by supplying high quality seeds that help them grow better crops and realise higher yield.We make better seeds available and share the farming skills that farmers need to earn more income.

In 1982, 6th generation Dutch Seedsman Simon Nanne Groot set out to introduce high-quality vegetable seeds in Southeast Asia. He was convinced that better inputs were essential to increase smallholder farmers income.

Improving tropical vegetables for local markets and growing conditions

East-West Seed introduced market-oriented plant breeding in Southeast Asia in 1982, with the mission to improve the income of smallholder farmers through high-quality vegetable seeds. Smallholder farmers were the main clients then, and they continue to be up to now.

East-West Seed has played an important role in the improvement of tropical vegetable varieties that are adapted to local markets and growing conditions. The privately-owned company produces and markets a wide portfolio of hybrid and open-pollinated seeds. In addition, the company educates farmers and helps them to maximize their yield through better knowledge on vegetable production.

Today, East-West Seed is one of the 10 largest vegetable seed companies in the world, with a leading position in the most important Southeast Asian countries and rapid expansion into India, China, Africa and South America

East-West Seed is a fast-growing, multi-cultural organization with over 4,600 employees. It has 15 R&D establishments in 7 countries. The company exports to over 60 countries in tropical areas of the world. It has its headquarters in Thailand.

  • 9Billion

    Estimated global population by year 2050

  • 70 Percent

    The required increase in current agricultural production to meet the projected food demand by 2050

  • 85Percent

    Smallholder farmers in the world's farm structure

  • 1.1Hectares

    Average farm size in Asia. In Africa, it's 1.9 hectares.

Board of Management

Bert van der Feltz

Bert van der Feltz

President and CEO

Bert has been with the company since 2000 and is a longtime member of the Board of Management. He spearheaded the internationalization drive of the Group with the establishment of East-West Seed International. He led the brand’s launch India, which is now the Group’s fastest growing market.

Michel Devarrewaere

Michel Devarrewaere

Vice President

Michel, former Group Manager for Seed Operations, is the latest addition to the Board of Management. He is an experienced seedsman with 20 years within operations in the company.

  • 4.6k


  • 57%


  • 43%


  • 12+


  • 23%

    Research & Development

  • 43%

    Seed Supply Organization

  • 3%

    Agri Extension

  • 19%

    Sales & Marketing

Business Partner Functions   12%

Position on Key Issues

Preventing child labor

Our company supports the UN Declaration on Human Rights and shares the principles contained in the International Labour Standards on Child Labour. We do not tolerate child labor in any of our working places including contracted seed production fields.

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